Solutions based on machine learning
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People Counting System

People Counting System analyses videos from usual webcams and counts the number of people passing through a certain shop or mall entrance in a time interval


To estimate the number of visitors in a time interval


To count the number of people via webcams


Analysis of webcam videos and creation of a footfall report

Areas of application

It is reasonable to count the number of visitors for every business where efficiency depends on this number:
– Stores;
– Malls;
– Banks
– Stadiums, parks, arenas and other sport and leisure facilities.
It is also important for advertisement placement in malls and business centers (advertising rates depend on the number of people expected to see it).


• To estimate the number of visitors in a time interval.
• To estimate the conversion rate.
• To balance salary costs by the implementation of stuff motivation system based on the conversion rate.
• To balance salary costs by planning stuff working time according to the dynamics of footfall.
• The higher level of service.
• Estimation of footfall in different districts and estimation of perspectives of new locations.
• Rating of shops with higher potential. The possibility to close down low traffic shops and to invest in potentially perspective ones.

Shopping centers
• Objective assessment of a center according to the number of visitors.
• Taking measures to raise the footfall numbers.
• Making a decision about every tenant of the shopping center.
• Setting objective rent for every tenant based on the footfall figures.
• Conflict resolution on the basis of figures and facts.
• The possibility of cost reduction, effective visitor distribution in zones and levels of a shopping center
• Using accurate data for the evaluation of advertising campaigns in shopping centers.



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