Solutions based on machine learning
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Smart Helpdesk

Working solution for automated Helpdesk request distribution. A helpdesk robot categorizes tasks, assigns them to corresponding groups of specialists, sorts and prioritizes tasks.


Automated request distribution


Training the robot to distribute requests accurately


Speeding up the request processing and cost reduction

Who can be replaced by a robot?

Before the robot installation

After the robot installation and training

How are the helpdesk requests processed?

What result can we get?

Balanced workload distribution. Employment accounting.

Speeding up the HELPDESK request processing.

Cost reduction. Helpdesk operator is not required.


• Machine Learning algorithms classify tasks according to time required (S, M, L) on the basis of collected data.
• Calculating of an average statistic “speed” of an employee.
• Distribution of tasks considering task priority and employee “speed”.
• Taking into account domain expertise of an employee.
• Consideration of employee availability (holiday, business trip).
• Possibility to assign a top priority status manually – an authorized manager can interfere when necessary.

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