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Empty shelf detector

Empty shelf detector is designed to immediately notify a store employee about empty shelves

The module for analyzing the fullness of the shelves is used to timely inform about empty shelves with goods. In the event of voids exceeding the specified value, the module sends notifications to the store employees. The module also generates reports on the status of shelves at specified intervals.

The module uses a reference image of 100% full shelf at maximum capacity. In the process, he constantly compares the current state of the shelf and its reference image. When some product has been taken and the shelf is partially empty, the video system notifies the store employee about it.

The operator can set a threshold for the quantity of goods on the shelf before sending the notification. This is done to avoid unnecessary notifications. It is also possible to set up a convenient way of notification – it can be a signal in the program, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or an e-mail message.

By enabling the empty shelf detector, the director, manager or store owner will be able to cut costs by reducing the headcount previously required to constantly monitor inventory levels; increase profits due to the fact that buyers always have all the necessary goods at their disposal.

Using the module allows you to:

  • Increase store revenue by 5% for each product category
  • Predict the level of demand
  • Optimize employee performance

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