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Development and implementation of chatbots for business

Increase of traffic conversion and loyalty of customers by means of a chatbot

We develop customized chatbots for any messenger and social networks

Our chatbot will:

  • Receive an application
  • Lead a customer through a sales funnel
  • Answer typical questions by using artificial intelligence
  • Collect feedback
  • Involve a manager into conversation at the right moment and more

Order development of a chatbot for any platform

Smart bots with artificial intelligence for popular social networks and messengers automatically interact with visitors – deliver support, sort out requests, answer questions, make selling, hold presentations of business or products, launch actions and conduct surveys, and promote a brand in social networks even without your personal participation.

Examples of ready chatbots, solving business tasks

Perfectly suits for service industry, retail, finance, insurance, beauty centers and online shops

Call for applications
Demonstration of several products or services
Collection of a customer’s contact details
Offer of additional options
Sending request to a sales department
Ordering food
Ease of use
Loyalty of customers
Integration with services
Contacts collection
Order of goods
Viewing the products range
Payment of order
Choice of delivery
Order history
Collection of feedback
Quality assessment
Information about bonuses
Leads collection
Connection of a bot to an existing IT-system
Integration via API with any services and systems.
For example, with online shop or CRM (MS Dynamics AX)
Connection of a smart bot
A bot based on a neural network
Selection of a product based on a customer’s answers
Cost calculation for a complex service (gift, insurance)
A learning chatbot

How chatbots can help business

Maintain interest

Chatbots are the best solution for those who want to make their business more interactive and not lose a potential customer.

Be always in touch

Without a chatbot you will not be able to always stay in touch with your customers regardless of time zones differences.

Repeated purchases

If you want to provide repeated purchases without spamming your customers’ e-mails, suggest them adding a bot as a friend in their messenger.

Advantages of our chatbot

Personal communication 24/7

Communicate “one-on-one” with customers at any time at their convenience in their favorite messenger

High conversion level

40 % conversion to subscription. Up to 80 % of messages in messengers are opened, and up to 40 % of messages are clicked


A person can address his question or objection directly to a chatbot and get an instant response

Cost reduction

Programmers, designers, and coders are not required. Only traffic and sales managers

Artificial intelligence

A chatbot accumulates variants of answers and after a month is able to answer 99.5 % of questions without a human being’s help

Understanding natural language and dialogue’s context

Understanding of natural language is the task of AI. Understanding of context is one of aspects of such understanding

Full cycle of a chatbot development

1. Discussion and drafting of a technical task

2. Development of interaction algorithms

3. Choice of NLP platform and design of dialogues

4. Integrations with databases and a customer’s software

5. Testing

6. Analysis based on a feedback and support

Our team

We are the team of cool developers, specialists in Conversational UX and Machine Learning. We develop complicated projects for platforms of Telegram, Facebook messenger, Viber, VK social network and СRM systems.


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