Solutions based on machine learning
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Computer vision

Empty shelf detector is designed to immediately notify a store employee about empty shelves

Provide your customers with a convenient service for virtual color assessment at their facility

A visitor counting system analyzes video from regular webcams and counts how many people passed through a specific entrance to a store or mall over a specific period of time

A working solution that recognizes buildings, land boundaries in images, compares images and finds illegal buildings

Automatic product recognition system (SKU) on the shelf, convenient analytics on the computer screen and phone

Working solution for recognition and counting of products on a conveyor by means of machine learning

Working solution for retail stores, warehouses and employees in the ``fields``

System for automatic monitoring of prices and reporting on the products presented

Natural language processing

Our ``HR Helper`` robot will pick up a resume from websites and evaluate how suitable the candidate is

A working solution for automating the distribution of Helpdesk tickets, assign categories, assign tasks to the appropriate groups, sort and prioritize them

Time series forecasting

Using Machine Learning technologies, Neti Forecast combines historical data stored in an ERP system with additional variables to make forecasts.