Solutions based on machine learning

Counting production with a video camera

Video counting of products using a conventional CCTV camera

One-stop solution for counting a wide variety of products

  • counter of bread, loaves, rolls;
  • counter of eggs on various types of conveyors (conveyors);
  • counter of boxes, bags, any other types of packaging;
  • counter of vegetables and fruits on the conveyor.

Our solutions

Control systems of objects or their parts according to the client's conditions

A program for counting objects or their constituent parts

Examples of counters

Egg counter on conveyor

Keg counter

Bread counter on conveyor

Loaf counter on conveyor

Visitor counter

Bread counter on conveyor


Client – bakery bakery

The main problem was the control of the production count. The company tried to use sensors to count the amount of bread on the conveyor, but the result was inaccurate and had to use manual labor to count.

Counting products

A computer vision solution has been proposed that counts bread with a single camera. As a result, it comes out quite cheaply, you just need a simple camera and computer.

Having invested in training once, you can get a result of recognizing different types of bakery products. Also, machine learning can be tuned to reduce scrap.

What have we done

Разработали программу детекции хлеба, на видео идет распознавание, что это хлеб

Created a bread counter that calculates the total amount of bread per shift

Developed a report for the change of production and for any selected period

Benefits obtained

Увеличилась точность распознавания хлеба на всем конвейерном производстве

Decreased the cost of calculating the amount of bread in production

Development of a defect recognition system, for example, for bread of the wrong shape

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